Changing the color of a vector in Photoshop (single color)



I am frequently asked by my customers if it is possible to change the color of a vector graphic without Illustrator. The answer is yes! Photoshop seems to be ubiquitous on home computers these days, so here is a tutorial on how to change the color of a vector file in Photoshop.

This tutorial pertains specifically to vectors that are a single color, which many of my swirls and flourishes are. Of course, there is more than one way to do this. I am showing you the process that I find the easiest. (And trust me, it’s really easy.)

  • File>Open
  • Most of my vector images come with various file types: Illustrator (.ai), Encapsulated Postscript (.eps), PDF, JPEG, and/or PNG. The file we want here is the Illustrator format. This will also work with the .eps file, but there are different options to set up.

  • Layer > Layer Style > Color Overlay
  • Be sure that the correct layer is selected – in this case, Layer 1. The checkered background tells us that this image has a transparent background, so we can manipulate the Layer Styles to achieve the color change.

  • In the Color Overlay dialogue, click on the little rectangle next to the blending options. This will open a color selection window. Select the color you would like the image to be. Click OK, and OK again.

  • File > Save As
  • Your image should be the color you selected! To retain the transparent background, save the image as a PNG file.

 And voila! You should have a newly colored image that you can use in your creative projects.

Have a suggestion for a future tutorial? Let me know!


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  29. Thank you it worked with CS6 but didn’t have PNG as an option. I like to know how to create an watermark image

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